One Park Drive taking shape in Canary Wharf


Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron are building their first residential building in UK at London’s expanding Canary Wharf Estate. The circular form of the new tower surely stands out from its orthogonal neighbours.

The building contains 483 apartments arranged over 58 storeys, separated into residential typologies. At the lower levels larger loft type units take advantage of their proximity to the water and the relative wind shelter. Smaller apartments make up the majority of units in the central section of the tower, while the upper levels of the building are predominantly made up of larger units. The resulting geometry creates a distinct spiral of large bay windows which offer each apartment generous views over the surrounding docklands and across London.

Forest of Fabrication_© Francesco Russo Architectural Photographer London Venice_001.jpg

At the current stage of construction it’s possible to clearly see the differences between the three typologies of units: the first two close to completion and the still exposed composition and geometry of the concrete structure of the top levels.

More photos of this project can be found on this page.

All photos are © Francesco Russo